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A license key for PRTG Network Monitor consists of the license owner and a license key. The key is a string that consists of 8 blocks with 5 characters each.

Your Personal License Information

You have received the name of the license owner and the license key from Paessler via email or in a license document on Paessler shop. Please copy this information and insert it when PRTG asks you to about your license information in the setup dialog.

icon-i-round For the Trial and Freeware editions, you will receive the required license information on the Paessler webpage when you download the trial or freeware version of PRTG. For a commercial edition, use your commercial license information.


Example of License Information

License Owner: John Q. Public
License Key: P1000-FFSEJ-ZHGRD-UR1CS-U73FG-G645F-YVF1D-H8323

During the setup process, PRTG will ask you to enter your license information. Please use copy and paste to fill out the form in the installer dialog.

  • Trial/Freeware license key: When entering a Trial license key, you can experience unlimited functionality of PRTG during the 30-day trial period. Your installation automatically switches to a Freeware Edition afterwards. For details about how to get your free Trial edition, please see Download PRTG section.
  • Commercial license key: You can only enter this key if you have purchased a commercial license. Your installation allows the number of sensors according to your license.

Change License Key

Usually you do not need to enter a key manually after the installation to activate it, because PRTG asks for it during the install process. However, there are still scenarios where you want to change your key and activate this license. For example, if you have purchased a PRTG Commercial Edition and want to upgrade your running PRTG Freeware or Trial installation, you have to provide your commercial license key.

  • To enter a new license key, log in to the PRTG web interface.
  • Choose Setup | License from the main menu bar.
  • Click Change License Key.
  • The Update Your License page appears where you can activate your new license.
  • Choose the activation type Automatic (online activation with optional HTTP proxy) if your PRTG server can connect to the internet.
    icon-i-round Without internet access, you have to choose Manual (offline activation). The activation process works a bit different in this case and requires manual interactions.
  • Provide your license information and click Update License.
  • PRTG will connect to the Paessler activation server via SSL on port 443 and validate your license.
  • If everything works fine, you will see the message Activation was successful as License Status on top of the page.

icon-book-arrows For details, please see manual section PRTG Status—Licensing Status and Settings: Update Your License.

icon-i-round The PRTG core server needs an internet connection on port 443 to activate. If a proxy connection is needed, please configure it in Step 3: Activate on the Update Your License page. If activation fails, you can also try an offline activation.

Update Your License: Click Change License Key

Update Your License: Click Change License Key

icon-i-round Offline activation works differently and requires manual interactions.


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